Young Women's Life Empowerment Took Kit - Mini Course to explore your power!

I help women from 25 through 40 achieve freedom and a life path of success and prosperity! Learn tools and confidence to achieve independence and follow your life dreams.
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About This Product:

Are you the woman who feels life has tripped you up? Do you struggle feeling you've been deprived of opportunities that friends around you moved right into?  Bad relationships, illness, family circumstances kept you stuck?  
You may wish you made better choices, didn't mess with the things you did, could make up for lost time. What if there were a way to get yourself on the right path? What if all you needed was a "toolbox" full of the right tools? 
We have those tools!  
THE YOUNG WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT TOOL KIT -- A Mini Course, to help you explore the tools that will set you on a path to Freedom and Success!
In our Tool Kit are the right tools for the right job:
This mini course will tell you if you are the person for this Job! The Job is setting yourself Free from the things that have been tripping you up!  This is an Introduction to those Tools, and it may be all you need to step out of old patterns.  If not, we have more!  We have support groups, the ability to dive deeper and teach you how to utilize these tools in every aspect of your life.  The road starts here!

Module ONE:

Welcome!  We will talk about the elements that influence you, take away your power and distract you from believing in yourself.  You will learn about tools to help you stay centered in yourself, hold onto your power and believe in yourself and your dreams.
SESSION 1, Pull Yourself Together, Find your tribe
The strongest and best leaders, the people who are most successful, have the right skills for the right job.  They know when to go it alone, and when to ask for help. They have skills in relationship building and knowing who is trust-worthy and who is not.  In this session, we will work on skill-building, accessing your own inner leader, and learning how to let go of what and who you don’t need!
When you learn and hone these skills, they apply to all areas of your life!
Module TWO
SESSION 2, Empower yourself to be your own boss
As you feel increasingly empowered in this workshop, you will find yourself accessing knowledge and dreams you may have buried for a long time.  This is challenging work, and involves believing in yourself, digging deep, and listening inside as well as outside.  You may find strength you forgot you had.  This is the deep work of empowerment.  We know that you can do this work, we all have it inside of us, we only need to unleash this power!
Module THREE
SESSION 3, Find your dream and your purpose, chart your course:  
What would you be without this, because this is where you begin to direct that new energy and knowledge, listening to both your inner self, and your new peers in the group.  We will show you how to turn “potential” into power, beginning to form a blueprint for your life plan. This is your roadmap to the future you!

I'm Linda Wilk, and like you, I struggled through family abuse and addiction and abusive relationships when I was young. My second abusive relationship broke up when I was 25 years old. I was using alcohol and drugs to cope. In my heart of hearts, I knew I was going nowhere. I'd given up college and my own life to help my fiancé get through school and the deal was that he would then help me. I struggled for two and a half years while he went back to finish his degree. I sensed things getting more distant, more demands of how I be, while he was more aloof. He was off every weekend with a buddy, motocross biking. Women were "not allowed". I was working long hours to pay the bills, as they were spending longer time away. They were involved in their fraternity and drinking more. To be honest, we all drank a lot.

One night I drove up to the frat to meet them, and my suspicions were met -- there were other girls with them. I was devastated. What was all the work and effort for? I was in love, but was he? It took over six months to get him out of my life, because I wasn't sure I wanted him out. Who would I be without him? One night I pushed him about all the issues until he slapped me. I screamed, I snapped, I fought back with all the anger I had been holding in. I needed that physical abuse to prove how bad it really was. All the emotional abuse, what my friends warned me about, wasn't enough. That slap made it real. I wanted out and I wanted my own life, even though I didn't know what that meant. The next morning, standing in the shower, I vowed there would be no more crying. I was going to get a life of my own, no matter what it took. This course is the steps I took, and what I found in my heart. I learned I can offer others what was given to me...if you want it, and if you are willing to do the work! 
My own life path led me to sobriety, to become a family therapist, pastoral counselor, and addiction counselor. I've learned to make healthy choices, find out who I am, and help others do the same. I found happiness, serenity, and met goals beyond my wildest dreams -- Who knows where your strength and life choices will lead you! 

Program Details

Welcome and Session 1
Session 2: More on The Pain and What to do with it!
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Session 1: What do you want, what brought you here?
Session 2: Learning how to be with others and not lose yourself.

Session 1: Consult your mentors, the stars and your inner self, then chart your course!

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Linda Wilk

I am a coach with 36 years of experience with recovery and family counseling. I have lived through my own PTSD, now thriving I work closely with women with trauma and trust issues. My great love is helping people to find a spiritual path and calling.
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A recovering addict of 41 years, I have a Master's in Pastoral Counseling with a focus in Family Therapy.  I worked since 1982 in the addictions industry.  My focus has been women in recovery with trauma background, because that is my own journey. I grew up in a rural town in NJ, and my family were farmers.  My dad was a survivor of POW camps in WW2 and brought a lot of that trauma home with him.  His medicine was alcohol, and unfortunately, he revisited what he experienced on his family.  The pattern of medicating with alcohol and substances carried over to me, but by age 27 I was already at my bottom, and thank God, found recovery.  It took a lot of help from others to recover. My focus now is to help people to learn to build relationships with each other, find their tribe, opening them up to the inner strength that has always been theirs to tap.  I believe our culture shortchanges people who are not part of the white culture, and feeds on conflict and division. I am committed to correcting that in my daily life and with anyone else who wants help.  Every day I see women who echo what I have been through and I'm called to gift to them what was gifted to me by so many woman mentors.  I feel honored to have been given this gift. I also feel a strong calling to join with my elders in resolving regret and remorse as we age into our best years.  My work is Coaching a Peaceful Life.
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